2019 Annual General Meeting

The Leicestershire & Rutland Golf Union Annual General Meeting will take place on Thursday 21st February at Birstall Golf Club, starting at 7pm.


1. Apologies
2. Obituaries
3. Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 22nd February 2018 - document
4. Matters Arising from those Minutes
5. Minutes of the Extraordinary Meeting held on 30th October 2018 - document
6. Matters Arising from those Minutes
7. County Secretary’s Report
8. Director of Finance’s Report - document
9. Election of Vice President
10. Election of Council & Officers - document
11. Election of Officials - document
12. Election of England Golf Voting Member
13. Election of Midland Golf Union Delegates
14. Proposals
- Adoption of revised Articles of Association - document and document
- Adoption of revised Operational Procedures - document

15. Any Other Business

All L&RGU members are asked to note that:

i) Under Item 9, Election of Vice President, it is the President's intention to propose that Stuart Marriott be elected as a Vice President

ii) Under Item 10, Election of Council & Officers, David Bentley has withdrawn his nomination as Junior Organiser. I can now advise you that his nomination as Handicap Adviser has now also been withdrawn

iii) Under Item 10, Election of Council & Officers, I have not received any other nomination for any position.

Terry Walker

Hon. Secretary, Leicestershire & Rutland Golf Union