L&RGU Senior Team County Match Information

2022 Senior Match Results

Seniors v Nottinghamshire (MGU League East) 27th April 2022

Seniors v Derbyshire  (Non League) 11th April 2022

Seniors v Warwickshire (Non League) 5th May 2022

Seniors v Northamptonshire (MGU League East) 19th May 2022

L&RGU Seniors Captain Reports
April 2022 Report

Nottinghamshire Match Report

Seniors v County Ladies  Sunday 18th April 2021 Longcliffe GC

The new L&RGU Seniors Captain John Hardwick (Rothley Park) started his tenure as captain with a 6-0 win over the county ladies at Longcliffe GC. The format was scratch match play for the first three games then off hadicap for the remaining three. There were some very close games with the seniors winning four of them 1up.

2021 Seniors Match Results

Seniors v Worcestershire (Non League) 27th May 2021 Results

Seniors v Derbyshire (Non League) 3rd June 2021 Results

Seniors v Nottinghamshire (MGU League East) 14th June 2021

Seniors v Shropshire & Hereford (Non League) 17th June 2021

Seniors v Staffordshire (Non League) 5th July 2021

Seniors v Lincolnshire (MGU League East) 10th August 2021

Seniors v Northamptonshire (MGU League East) 18th August 2021

Seniors v Cambridgeshire (MGU League East) 25th August 2021

Seniors v Worcestershire Society (Non League) 29th September 2021

Seniors v Norfolk (Non League) 13th October 2021


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