L&RGU County Boys Training

The purpose of the L&RGU’s Winter Training & Squad Performance Programme is to progress Leicestershire’s young elite golfing talent through the pyramid of County Boys team tiers ranging from U14’s, U16’s and U18’s to ultimately play for the L&RGU 1st team and beyond. This is done by offering young qualifying golfers playing opportunities and non-technique based golf training that is designed to improve the golfers tournament preparation, play and performance.

A list of current policies and procedures relating to Junior golf can be found on the Governance page.

Winter Training 2018/19

We are asking Junior Organisers to help us identify players who would benefit from the training offered over the winter. This training is not about ball striking (that is the job of the Club Pro/Coach), but more about planning the game and preparation.

We would be grateful to hear of boys that meet the criteria that we might of missed. Please contact David Bentley with the details to pass to the Junior Management Team. Initially places are offered to those boys born in 2001/2002 playing off single figures, those born in 2003/2004 with a handicap of 20 or better, and those born after 2005 with a handicap of 32 or better.

Coaching takes place once a month from October to March, and Club Officers and Pros are very welcome to observe.

Message from the County Coach

It’s a privilege being the L&RGU County Coach. My strong belief is the Players Home Coach must be considered the most important technical coach within a Players Development & Pathway. My reasoning for this is the Player sees their Home Coach through choice not necessity. Therefore as the Golfer develops and transitions along the Player Pathway I feel it’s important there’s only one technical coaching message to ensure clarity and consistency. This approach avoids any conflict of information that could confuse and possibly disrupt the Player’s development and progression.

I see the role of the County, Regional and National Coach as an overseer of technique not a creator who should only comment on Address & Posture or Balance issues when delivering training sessions.

When a Player accepts an invite to represent an L&RGU Team or accepts an invite to attend a County Training Session they are expected to show full commitment to the Team and resource being delivered. Everything we all do must be Player Centred to benefit the Team. 

Ian Bailey, L&RGU County Coach