L&RGU 1st & 2nd Team County Match Information

County Match Sun 9th May Kirby Muxloe GC

Would all players read the Coronavirus Protocols below for Kirby Muxloe GC 

Course Protocols

Clubhouse Protocols

Tee Times

09.40 Match 1

09.50 Match 2

10.00 Match 3

10.10 Match 4

Round two matches will be in fourballs





County Team Match Sunday 18th April 2021 Melton Mowbray GC


1st Oli Lewis & Zack Stafford 104

2nd Luke Burrows & Joey Matharu 106

3rd James Billingham & Joe Hack 109

4th Josh Hayes & Matt Peyton 110

5th Arshad Tarmahomed & George Griffiths 110

6th Scott Wormleighton & Bobby Large 111

7th John Fairbrother & Oli Willson 113

8th Liam Plant & Danny Loach 113

9th Jay Sheridan & Jack Merry 113

10th Tom Roberts & Jack 116


County Team Match Sunday 11th April 2021 Cosby GC


1st Martin Anderson & Matt Peyton 103

2nd Jack Mayfield & Zack Stafford 108

3rd Scott Wormleighton & Jack Merry 109

4th Steve Sansome & George Griffiths 109

5th Chris Brook & Joe Hack 109

6th John Fairbrother & Liam Plant 110

7th Oli Lewis & Oli Willson 113

8th Coby Cartwright & Jay Sheridan 114

9th Luke Burrows & Arshad Tarmahomed 116

10th James Billingham & Tom Roberts 121

All players are required to complete the online form below before representing the County.  Note - you only need register once for the entire 2021 Season.

As part of the County’s Health and Safety, Safeguarding and representative policies we kindly ask that all players selected to represent the County must read, complete and submit the following form.

Player Declarations.
1. It is your sole responsibility to ensure all Covid19 guidelines, restrictions and advice must be followed at all times.
2. If as a result of any Covid19 guidelines, restrictions or advice you are unavailable to attend any County run training sessions, representative matches or events then can you please advise your Team Captain ASAP.
3. It is your sole responsibility to ensure you follow all relevant L&RGU policies and procedures applicable when attending any County run training sessions, representative matches or events. These can all be viewed in the governance section of the website available via the link at the bottom of the page.


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