The 2022 Seniors Scratch Knock Out Draw

It is the obligation of the winner to make sure that the result is communicated within 48 hours of being known to the Director of Tournaments Kevin Whitfield-Green. (T: 07894 700350, E:

Players with a Handicap Index above 5.7 have been balloted out and will receive a refund.

The venue for the 2022 Final is Kibworth Golf Club

To be played by Mon 27th Jun
To be played by Mon 25th Jul
To be played by 22nd Aug
To be played by Mon 19th Sep (at neutral venues)
To be played on Sun 2nd October Kibworth 10.40 a.m.
-S Lewis (Kibworth)                                                                                                                                  
.-S Lewis 7/6                                                                                                        
-G Latter (Cosby)                                                                                                        

.-R Binnie 2/1                                                                              
-R Binnie (The Leicestershire)                                                                              
.-R Binnie                                                                              
-P Bamford (Rothley Park)

.-R Binnie 3/2                                                    
-N Terrell (Kilworth Springs)
.-N Terrell 2/1                                                    
-M Heatherley (Kirby Muxloe)                                                    

.-M Simons 19th                                                    
-M Simons (The Leicestershire)
.-M Simons 19th
-G Marshall (Birstall)


.-L Towers 1up                          
-K Reed (Charnwood Forest)

.-K Reed 6/5
-C Wormleighton (Lutterworth)

-.K Reed 2/1                          
-T Wortley (Birstall)                          
-T Wortley 1up                          
-P Lowe (Scraptoft)

.-L Towers 19th                          
-G Johnson (Longcliffe)

-L Towers 2/1
-L Towers (The Leicestershire)

.-L Towers 3/2
-M Walker (Rothley Park)

-M Walker 19th

-A Rastrick (The Luffenham Heath)


.- J Perry 1up
-J Perry (The Luffenham Heath)

-J Perry 4/3

-C Taylor (Rothley Park)

.-J Perry 4/3

-A Creighton (Glen Gorse)

-A Creighton 5/4

-B McGaulley (Cosby)

-J Perry 19th
-D Wheatley (The Luffenham Heath)

-J Hardwick 19th
-J Hardwick (Rothley Park)

.-J Hardwick 6/4
-A Turton (Ullesthorpe Court)

-A Turton 1up

-N Kullar (Birstall)

.-J Perry 6/5
-P Jelly (Kibworth)

-.P Jelly 2up

-P Gray (Birstall)

.-C Palmer 3/2

-P Adcock (Cosby)

.-C Palmer 2/1

- C Palmer (Kibworth)

-C Palmer

-J Hunt (Willesley Park)


-S Sansome (Birstall)

.-I Longden

-I Longden (Rothley Park)

-I Longden 4/2

-A Low (Scraptoft)