Order of Merit competition is for all Juniors (Boys and Girls) who are members of an affiliated L&RGU Club, holding an official CONGU handicap and were under 18 years of age on 1st Jan.

The order of merit will return in 2022 with a revised format.

The order of merit will be run based upon results at a number of Junior Opens and County run Competitions during the year. There will be 3 categories, Boys Gross, Boys Nett and Girls Nett. Your best results will count towards the Order of Merit League tables. It’s up to you to decide if you want to play in all competitions or just a few, either way you will still earn points towards the Order of Merit. Prizes will be awarded to the 1st place in each category (note: a boy could, in theory, win both the Nett and Gross prizes). Points will be awarded as follows 1st 20, 2nd 16, 3rd 13, 4th 11, 5th 10, 6th 8,7th 6, 8th 5, 9th 4, 10th 3, 11th 2, 12th 1. 

L&RGU Boys Gross Order of Merit 2019

Millen Durham Kirby 90
Sam Haynes-Coote Kibworth 72
Harvey Fitzpatrick Kibworth 70.5
Frazer Jones Lingdale 70
Oliver Lewis Kibworth 63
William Plant Cosby 53.5
Jake Fromant Kibworth 46.5
Spencer Sheffield Glen Gorse 41.5
George Halfpenny Kirby 39
Samuel Envis Cosby 34
Alexander Holyland Willesley Park 26
Thomas Dziuba Leicestershire 23.5
Aeron Murray Willesley Park 22
Quinn Tinkler ? 20
Oliver West Willesley Park 16
Samuel Dowd Kirby 16
Taylor Coleman ? 16
Eathan Bell Cosby 12.5
William James White Willesley Park 11

L&RGU Boys Nett Order of Merit 2019

Millen Durham Kirby 59.5
Ethan Zhang Longcliffe 48
Spencer Sheffield Glen Gorse 44.5
Frazer Jones Lingdale 42.5
Finn Dobson Leicestershire 41
James Rees Leicestershire 40
Sam Haynes-Coote Kibworth 40
Samual Thomas Beedles 40
Harvey Fitzpatrick Kibworth 36.5
Samuel Envis Cosby 36.5
William Plant Cosby 35.5
Alexander Holyland Willesley Park 29
Thomas Dziuba Leicestershire 28.5
Aeron Murray Willesley Park 28
Oliver Lewis Kibworth 23.5
George Halfpenny Kirby 21
Louis Bell Leicestershire 20
Oliver West Willesley Park 20
Quinn Tinkler ? 20
Anthony Martin Humberstone 16
Jack Farley Leicestershire 16
Lewis John Thorpe Kibworth 16
Samuel Dowd Kirby 16

L&RGU Girls Order of Merit 2019

Eleanor Parkinson Willesley Park 32
Victoria Mayfield Rothley 32
Elexis Brown Leicestershire 31
Holly Waterfield Lutterworth 30
Emily Wolverson Kibworth 24
Francesca Brimm Glen Gorse 24
Eleanor Kelly
Jorja Newbold
Grace Hubbard Willesley Park 11
Chloe Edmonds Charnwood 10
Emily Gallacher
Henrietta Geddes
Laura Hallam The Leicestershire 5
Ruth Brooks Kibworth 5