Leicestershire & Rutland Golf Union

L&RGU Open Championship 2012

Sunday 19th August 2012, White Tees, Kibworth

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Gross LeaderboardR1 CSS 71R2 CSS 71TotalPar
1st Ashley Mason 6570135-7
2nd Phil Saul Leicestershire Golf Club 6870138-4
3rd M Cort 7069139-3
4th Liam Plant Cosby Golf Club 7169140-2
4th James Billingham Cosby Golf Club 6971140-2
6th S Corby Glen Gorse Golf Club 7072142LEVEL
7th CHRIS ABBOTT Lutterworth 7568143+1
7th D Mee 7073143+1
9th M Mayes Whetstone Golf Club 7272144+2
10th M Whelband 7570145+3
10th J Wilson 7273145+3
10th Michael Reed 7174145+3
13th Sam Bates Kilworth Springs 7571146+4
13th J Thornton 7472146+4
13th Nick Jelley Whetstone Golf Club 7472146+4
13th Jonny Peacock Cosby Golf Club 7472146+4
13th Stuart Marriott Birstall 7274146+4
18th Martin Anderson Kibworth 7671147+5
18th Chris Lager 7572147+5
20th M Stephens 7573148+6
20th Oli Willson Rothley Park 7474148+6
20th T P Collins 7375148+6
23rd Jevann Parmar Leicestershire Golf Club 7772149+7
23rd Adam Dalby Birstall Golf Club 7673149+7
23rd David Cooper Cosby Golf Club 7475149+7
23rd James Yeomans Kibworth Golf Club 7376149+7
23rd Scott Wormleighton Birstall 7376149+7
23rd Richard Wale The Leicestershire 6980149+7
29th Kieran Foster Melton Mowbray Golf Club 7575150+8
29th Jack Mayfield Cosby Golf Club 7377150+8
29th Chris Webb Birstall 7278150+8
29th Tom Sherwin Leicestershire Golf Club 7179150+8
33rd Richard Harris Jnr Kilworth Springs Golf Club 7774151+9
33rd Huw Phillips Northamptonshire County Golf Club 7477151+9
35th N Prentice 7775152+10
35th Sam Pollard Melton Mowbray Golf Club 7676152+10
35th Steve Sansome Birstall 7577152+10
35th Jonathan Golding Hinckley 7577152+10
39th J. Handyside Kibworth Golf Club 7875153+11
39th Michael Colclasure 7479153+11
41st R Bradshaw 7877155+13
42nd Richard Hughes 8076156+14
42nd Mathew Rollins 7878156+14
42nd Oliver Duley Melton Mowbray Golf Club 7581156+14
45th Matt Taunton The Leicestershire 7780157+15
46th Matthew Derby Market Harborough 8573158+16
46th Keith Shaw Longcliffe Golf Club 8276158+16
48th Sam Skerratt 8277159+17
48th Oliver Dennies Willesley Park Golf Club 8277159+17
50th Peter Brough Rugby Golf Club 8179160+18
51st N Parker Scraptoft Golf Club 8181162+20
52nd Tom James Scraptoft Golf Club 8776163+21
53rd David Saul Leicestershire Golf Club 8284166+24
54th Thomas Duff Kibworth Golf Club NRNR  
55th L Challinor 7878+7
56th C Fromant 83WD  
57th D Bailey WD  
58th O Whitehead WD  

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