The L&RGU Seniors Handicap Championship is a stableford event open to golfers aged 55 and above.

The 2017 Seniors Handicap Championship and Challenge Shield will be played on Wednesday 21st June at Glen Gorse Golf Club.

Start Sheet

10:00Robert Hayes (8) Glen Gorse Golf ClubGraham Fox (17) Lingdale Golf ClubReserved
10:10Tony Ball (18) Kirby Muxloe Golf ClubJohn Clarke (19) Hinckley Golf ClubP Danvers (18) Whetstone Golf Club
10:20Alan Low (4) Scraptoft Golf ClubMalcolm Northover (6) Leicestershire Golf ClubAlan Creighton (10) Glen Gorse Golf Club
10:30David Chapman (14) Glen Gorse Golf ClubBarry Wood (22) Kirby Muxloe Golf ClubGordon Bigam (18) Rothley Park Golf Club
10:40Roger Payne (23) Kirby Muxloe Golf ClubRichard Lane (18) Lingdale Golf ClubSteve Harlow (12) Longcliffe Golf Club
10:50Cliff Watts (17) Scraptoft Golf ClubRichard LAWTON (13) Kibworth Golf ClubPeter Thorpe (16) Lingdale Golf Club
11:00Allan Crowson (20) Kirby Muxloe Golf ClubKeith Illsley (18) Lingdale Golf ClubJyot Gokani (20) Glen Gorse Golf Club
11:10Robert Robertshaw (14) Kirby Muxloe Golf ClubPhil Fricker (13) Lingdale Golf ClubRaj Pancholi (12) Birstall Golf Club
11:20John Roper (22) Kirby Muxloe Golf ClubJ Sharpe (13) Lingdale Golf ClubIan Jameson (11) Glen Gorse Golf Club
11:30Dennis Hewitt (12) Kirby Muxloe Golf ClubJohn Sullivan (12) Kibworth Golf ClubChris Jones (11) Cosby Golf Club
11:40Richard E Wells (15) Hinckley Golf ClubBrian Fagin (18) Glen Gorse Golf ClubAnthony Gee (9) Kibworth Golf Club
11:50Bill Stott (13) Hinckley Golf ClubSita Singh (14) Birstall Golf ClubBob Taylor (13) Glen Gorse Golf Club
12:00Dennis Jones (12) Hinckley Golf ClubKevin Reed (10) Charnwood Forest Golf ClubGreg Basil (11) Lingdale Golf Club
12:10Roger Corp (9) Leicestershire Golf ClubNigel Coxon (7) Glen Gorse Golf ClubPaul Baxter (7) Kirby Muxloe Golf Club
12:20John Burrows (23) Scraptoft Golf ClubPete Robinson (15) Glen Gorse Golf ClubAllan Gaunt (14) Kilworth Springs Golf Club
12:30Roy Fortnam (21) Scraptoft Golf ClubDavid Campey (10) Cosby Golf ClubAlan James Clarke (9) Hinckley Golf Club
12:40Bruce Cox (13) Scraptoft Golf ClubBob Blair (9) Glen Gorse Golf ClubPeter Pendlebury (8) Kirby Muxloe Golf Club
12:50Charles Parker (7) Rothley Park Golf ClubKeith Elliott (8) Kirby Muxloe Golf ClubMark Frape (8) Glen Gorse Golf Club
13:00N S Kullar (6) Birstall Golf ClubSarb Matharu (9) Hinckley Golf ClubRichard Jackson (8) Leicestershire Golf Club
13:10Stephen Lewis (5) Kibworth Golf ClubGraham Bassi (6) Cosby Golf ClubP Williamson (8) Whetstone Golf Club
13:20Mark Quin-Jarvis (5) Scraptoft Golf ClubAlan Turton (5) Ullesthorpe Golf ClubPhillip Adcock (4) Cosby Golf Club

Hon. Match Secretary: Kevin Whitfield-Green
43 Beardsley Road Quorn Leicestershire LE12 8UX Tel: 07894 700350 Email: