Interclub Men’s & Mixed Foursomes Tournament Conditions

1. The Tournament shall be Foursomes Match Play off handicap.

2. Each Team shall consist of four players - two matches of two players from each team.

3. The Tournament shall be open to golf clubs affiliated to the Leicestershire & Rutland Golf Limited.

4. A club may only enter one team. Each player must be a playing member of the club.

5. A player may only represent one Club throughout the period of the Tournament.

6. A substitution for any member of a team throughout the Tournament, but not during a match, may be made.

7. All matches shall commence from the first tee. The order of play will be determined by the individual pairings. When starting the play of a hole the men shall play off the tee of the longest measured course available, the women shall play off the red.  The "teeing ground" is the starting place for the hole to be played. It is a rectangular area two club-lengths in depth, the front and the sides of which are defined by the outside limits of two tee-markers. A ball is outside the teeing ground when all of it lies outside the teeing ground.  

8. The handicap allowance shall be half of the difference of the combined handicaps of either side. In the Mixed Foursomes competition, the strokes shall be taken from the Men's Stroke Index.

9. The maximum handicaps permitted in the Tournament which must be “Competition” as defined by CONGU shall be (12) for Men and (24) for Women.

10. Up to and including the semi-finals, the combined outcome of the two matches over 18 holes shall decide the team’s result. Note that the final is played over 2 sets of 18 holes.

11. In the event of a tie the situation shall be resolved by each match replaying the first three holes and continuing in groups of three holes until one team has the advantage. Strokes to be taken as per the original matches. The extra holes are a continuation of the stipulated round.

12. In the event of exceptional circumstances making it impossible to complete, the match may by mutual agreement of the Team Captains, be suspended. The Director of Tournaments must be advised accordingly within 24 hours. It must be restarted at the point from which it was suspended on the date and time agreed by the teams or in the absence of such agreement as directed by the Leicestershire & Rutland Golf Limited, but in either case within ten days of the date for that round of the Tournament.

13. Each match shall be played on the date as directed on the course of the club first drawn, except for the semi-finals and final, which shall be played on the date directed on a neutral course as directed by the Leicestershire & Rutland Golf Limited.

14. In the event of a course being closed for play on the appointed date, the match shall be played by mutual agreement of the Clubs concerned but within ten days of the original date. Every effort should be made to play the match as soon as possible after the postponement. Failing such agreement, the Director of Tournaments shall stipulate.

15. All matches will start at 5.00pm unless mutually agreed otherwise by both clubs, except the semi-finals which must start no later than 4.30pm.

16. Teams must be declared at least 15 minutes before the start time in playing order. After such time, other than in exceptional circumstances, no alterations shall be permitted.

17. Winning clubs should communicate the result of their game to the Director of Tournaments within 48 hours of the match being completed.

18. Entries together with fees must be in the possession of the Director of Tournaments in accordance with details on the entry form.

19. The requirements of the host Club regarding dress and discipline both on the course and within the clubhouse must be strictly observed by competitors, caddies and supporters.

20. A breach of these conditions may lead to disqualification.

21. All disputes shall be resolved by three officials of Leicestershire & Rutland Golf Limited whose decision shall be final.

N.B. Each Club shall be responsible for the ordering and payment of any meals required for their players, caddies, officials and supporters. Caterers are to invoice each club for meals taken by that club.

Updated January 2019